Hey, thought of writing about Indian version of the Moment of truth "Sach Ka Saamna"
Rajeev Khandelwal asks "have u ever peed in a swimming pool" to a female contestant, and she answers yes shyingly, "Do u have an Extramarital affair" to another women she boldly says yes, when asked her husband to comment He passively replies i knew about it, and the same contestant answers in negatively to a question if she plans to break the wedlock, for which her husband smilingly claps despite she admitting publicly about the affair. Women readers might take offence as i am just writing about women instances of the show, But its been the same with male contestants.

But why are people signing up as contestants for the show despite knowing the type of questions the show is designed for. Is it the money, or the fame. or are they relieved by announcing to the entire world about their affairs. but why to the world, when you can tell the same to the person who is affected by it and relieve yourself.

Ironically Delhi high court had quoted Mahatma Gandhi, and when a person is ready to talk about truth why stop. and it had given a green signal to the show. But Baapu would not have been happy with the questions. seldom there is a episode where there is no questions about affairs, sex...

And public are glued to this show, as it is very human to be interested in others personal life.

Whether if its Money or what ever, Star plus and Rajeev are having the last laugh....

Hidden Child

Its been long time since i posted some thing
Lots have happened with me and around, Texas is treating me well till date. The place where i stay is totally dominated by our Indians.

And when SRK came to perform in one such Indian dominated place he was pulled for questioning, lot of hue and cry when the same happened. Fine i accept SRK's views, about why he spoke against it. But one thing which was Heart breaking was, the public support he got. I am not at all against it. but where were all this people when the same happened to our former President Mr Abdul Kalam. SRK just represents Indian film industry, where as Our Former president represents India. and Mr Kalam's episode happened in India, what a shame. where were all the ministers then. very Awful. So much internal tussle with the issue, giving lot of ammunition to the media. I am referring to Salman and Amar singh's media bytes on SRK and reactions from SRK. And Mr Amar Singh cries about his kidney problem from Singapore hospital and attributes the reason to supporting Congress, any takers? all this makes us think, is there a hidden child in all grown ups?


Its a weird feeling when called selfish by some one trusted so much,
to whom we have done so much with out expecting a return.
I just tried to Introspect and retrospect if i really was one. because of a incident which i cant write here.
finally ended up analysing, People who are close and in equal terms (career, thinking.....) cannot digest the fact That other person is going away from him. n he has access to better things, he starts speculating thinking that he is growing in all terms. but never tries to know the fact, Instead starts mongering that the person is selfish, He lives in self denial, never tries to know the facts, but slips His tongue, What ever he may be in Life...
We never know, however wise we are in life, what ever positions we held in past, we think small in such situations calling cheap names behind their backs, from whom we took favours. Why do we become Unwise at times.
Answer is we are Human beings..
I am no saint, i have done it in past in younger ages, but i was surprised, when done by a grown adult. whom i trusted so much.

Well such things do happen, and we need to move on, as i said we are just Human beings
Lokaa Samastha sukhino bavanthu

Singh is King?

Deal ya Na deal... Time is running out, Well Mr PM u have done the right thing by offering to quit if the nuclear deal fails. I wish the allies take the risk of early polls n favour the deal n support Mr Singh. Its high time we damn care of blackmailing by Left leaders.

They will sure withdraw support, you may not come to power for next five years, but u will be remembered in the history firstly as a Great Economist Finance minister for Opening of Indian Economy secondly for Nuclear deal, the fruits of this deal will be realised in the future, lets not be selfish of power for next term n listen to left, lets think of Mother India. U will sure be remembered for centuries to come. Sir go ahead sign the deal. Now u need to prove to your detractors , That Singh is the Real King and he is second to none.

But being a great economist and having a good finance minister on board u should have controlled the soaring Inflation, but the fact that global slow down is powering the inflation world over, gives u benefit of doubt. Sir but it could have been handled better for sure.

Mr Prakash Karat, why u not making any sounds of your comrades of china intruding into Sikkim. are you color blind? its high time you review your Ideologies, times have changed, and u need to change with it. You need to learn from your counterparts from china, In fact its china who is doing great business with USA. Is it just because u want to remain in News . do u think u will win the same number of seats to Parliament like last time around.

Finally lets not bother of Power. Lets think of future, Lets think of Mother India. Well in coming days we will get to Know whether Is Singh really the King ?

I was waiting for a bus in Majestic bus stand(bangalore), and the platform which i was standing was moderately crowded. I Heard an elderly sound asking for platform number of the bus, which goes to Sathya sai hospital whitefield bangalore. One person guided them to the platform and also told them the route number of the bus they should take. brief pause. Then started a debate on Mr Sathya sai. about materialistic miracles he performs, about his (dis)honesty, claims, integrity, hypnotism. and also the charity. each of them expressing their views as it was lunch time and less number of buses plying.

The debate provoked me to find out more about Mr Sathya sai
Oh ya there are few videos in you tube showing him materializing necklace from air, and many more miracles. rationalists have always criticised him. and have invited him for a open challenge.

But, no one speaks about the good deeds. His organisation is very huge, spread world wide.
providing drinking water for the entire district of Ananthpur. there are so many educational institutions run by his organisation. where education is free of cost. with out any caste and gender bias.

His Organisation runs many super speciality Hospitals, where treatment is free of cost, what ever may be the ailment. on first come first basis.

He has volunteers from many countries working on his projects, so many doctors from other countries voluntarily visit his hospitals in India to do service free of cost.

What do we pray God for. Health, Education, Food, Prosperity......

Isn't he providing free Education, health care at zero cost. Food for the needy. Old age homes. he claims to be the incarnation of god. any wrong in his claims ? as he is giving people what they pray God for.

Yes even though people criticise him for his claims of miracles. the good work he has done outweighs the criticism he draws, which people don't recognise.

But (A)Sathya Sai Baba, a God man?

(p.s- I am not a follower of Mr Sathya sai nor any way connected to his organization.)

From four walls of kitchen, from being an object of attraction, from sacrificing her life in the form of sathi, women in India has come a long way.

From the days when a birth of girl child in a family was considered to be bad Omen, extra burden. things have changed.

I see a sea of difference in their approach and attitude at least in urban india. in 80's nd early 90's one can observe college going girls in sarees n salwars head bent. with books close to chest. correcting their pallus all time. its totally opposite now, mobile hand set, low waist jeans, u staring at me. oh thts a compliment, who cares!

She is choosing careers, which was impossible for women few decades back, from defence to police, flying aircrafts,media to politics.

Well what will u attribute these changes to, I think its the education upto grass root level in india which has brought so many changes. they are studying, choosing careers, Earning, they are empowered & freedom to take decissions.

If any thing's wrong in her marriage she goes for divorce, she is confident enough to lead her life. In rare instances, she also takes services of Gigolos'. she goes for one night stand in all girl pub to witness a male striptease.

Odd things apart, Women according to me is the beautiful creativity by almighty in this nature. Even though having few inabilities because of physiological design. she competes equally with her opp gender. she sacrifies so much in her life cycle, she undergoes so many difficulties during a child birth, which is like a rebirth for them selves considering the complicality.
Much need to be done in rural areas, where they still face discrimination.

One good thing in india is having a women leading the Govt in capacity of chairperson and a women president, Finance minister has gone for gender budgeting. with lot of goodies to women. of course tht was to secure women votes.

Well women u deserve equal parity, u are no less than men. long live womanhood.
On the eve of International women's day, I wish every one a Happy Women's Day.
(P.S - I am not in love nor i am obsessed with woman)

Last Night...

Last Night..

Strange it was

2nd time in my life time

In deep sleep, suddenly u experience a heavy object onto u,
With ur hands held, u can feel ur body struggling to get out of the hold.u r feeling breathelessness, shouting with in your self which is not heard by outsiders.but for outsiders your body is unmoved straight, but in subconcious u r moving right n left. both hands on ur tummy.
After a struggle for a minute or so, u experience freedom, n a sort of headache.but u still remember the actions happened in ur subconcious.

I have shared this experience with many people youngsters as well as aged, Most of them have experienced similar things. But when i ask them what they think the reason would be I get strange to funny replies, but they justify their reasoning.

One of them said it is the Unsatisfied souls onto u, to full fill their unsatisfied physical needs, couldnt control my laugh, Oh am i assaulted.

And a person who is into yoga n Meditation. replied like this. his thought was, when the body is more stressed physically and mentally beyond a point.Our body releases the stress through vibrations.

Have you experienced any thing similar to this?
Any Scientific reasons?
Aakir Bhoot Hain kya?

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